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Image by Tony Sebastian


just as the sun shines

you too have this beautiful light inside of you

what if you chose to
make it bright again?

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Hi!! I'm Alyssa

I am a mom of 3, Functional Medicine Registered Nurse (RN), Board Certified Health and Wellness Nurse Coach (HWNC-BC), and Reiki Master. My own personal struggle with anxiety and panic attacks led me down the path of my wellness journey and sparked a deep sense of purpose to find the path to healing.


My mission is to SIMPLIFY healthy beautiful living for you and your family.


I am passionate about optimizing wellness through holistic health approaches and incorporating more natural ways of natural living.


So many of us struggle today with anxiety, stress, and chronic health issues. I work with people to reclaim a beautiful and balanced life through functional medicine education, health promotion, mindfulness, and energy work.

Healing is multidimensional and comes from within. I have created a system at bel sole wellness to integrate the mind- body- spirit connection to approach healing so you can feel empowered by your health

living your life on auto-pilot

Everyone deserves to feel empowered about their health! By taking responsibility for your own health and happiness and building mindful awareness of your actions, you can transform your self-limiting beliefs to actualize your true potential. 


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"Alyssa did an outstanding job helping my body and mind to relax through a healing reiki session. Her calming tone and peaceful manner allowed to relax and release toxic energy throughout my body and spirit.  Alyssa was able to pin point exactly where energy levels were more out of balance and aid me in bringing a healthy flow to that particular area of my body. I would highly recommend her talent and exclusive knowledge to anyone who is looking to heal and balance out 

their body and mind. I am looking forward to scheduling another session with her very soon!" 

- Jessica M.


"It was truly a pleasure to work with Alyssa during a most peaceful, relaxing, and eye-opening session of reiki.  I am grateful for her attention to detail and also for her ability to make me feel so comfortable in trying something new.  It is a beautiful thing when you find someone who cares very deeply for the work that they do.  This is exactly what Alyssa demonstrated during our time together.  Her caring persona and positivity transported me to another place and she helped me to process a lot of the feelings that came up afterward too.  Working with Alyssa felt like working with family, which was an additional bonus for me.  If you haven’t tried reiki yet, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, you will not regret it! "

-Christa K.



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